A Fish Called Wanda

Eighteen years later and it is still one of the funnier films you will ever see. Strange because it contains all the things that usually make a film unbearable. There are incomprehensible plot twists and crazy over-the-top acting but both of these things add to the film rather than detracting from it. It is a weird mélange of the inappropriate with style and flair. Whatever director Charles Crichton (The Lavender Hill Mob) has done the result is magic. He weaves the gags, sexual innuendo, attempted murders, slapstick, and crassness all together to make a comedy that is stereotypically British in style. The whole cast does a marvelous job. Each character is given some weird quirk or tick and the actors all pull theirs off. Kevin Kline even won an Oscar for his portrayal of the lunatic Otto. The film is much in the vein of a Monty Python film and is one of the closest/successful attempts in trying to copy the zany style. This film goes a long way towards proving that there is no such thing as honour amongst thieves but there certainly are plenty of laughs.

Four thieves, American beauty Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis – True Lies, Halloween), her boyfriend Otto (Kevin Kline – In & Out, Life As A House), Georges (Tom Georgeson – Fierce Creatures) and the stuttering animal lover K-K-Ken (Michael Palin – Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian), plot to steal a collection of diamonds. The only snag is that none of the thieves wants to share the haul with the others and they all have concocted elaborate double-cross plans. Otto and Wanda really want the diamonds for themselves so they snitch on George to the police. The only problem with that is that he has moved the diamonds and they do not know where to. Wanda believes that they best way to find out where they are is to seduce George's lawyer, Archie Leach (John Cleese – Shrek 2, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle). It is a good plan but Otto is incredibly jealous and keeps jeopardizing it.

Special Features:
-Optional Trivia Track
-Deleted and alternate scenes with introductions by John Cleese
-"Something Fishy" new featurette
-Archival featurettes: "John Cleese's First Farewell Performance," "Farewell Featurette: John Cleese," "Kulture Vulture"
-A Message From John Cleese
-"Mug Shots" still gallery
-Theatrical trailer
-Easter Eggs

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