Greg Keelor

Previously when the two lead singers from Blue Rodeo have released solo efforts they have, to put it mildly, flown under the radar. Both Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy have never attained the same success separately as they have together. Maybe they just need to refuel their creative juices alone in order to churn out the great music they do as a band. Whatever the reasons, the lack of success has not discouraged either from the idea of recording solo. Previous Greg Keelor solo outings have been morose and heavy works. On this one he has tried to lighten it up a bit. Keelor does much of the work on his own but the Canadian alt-country group The Sadies and Sarah McLachlan were brought on board to help him out. He is definitely an artist whose music reflects his moods and while writing and recording this one was obviously in a good mood. His love of music and playing it shines through.

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