Diana Krall

It has become en vogue to imitate the crooners of times gone by with people such as Matt Dusk, Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble earning their living doing so. It is amazing then that the best of the modern crooners turns out to be a woman. And a Canadian one at that! Diana Krall is back to what she does best on this album in that it is full of old standards which she has reinterpreted in her own way. On several tracks she is backed by the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and the arrangements of the songs are fairly true to the originals. She has just tinkered with the phrasing and timing in most cases. On this album she covers songs by Nat King Cole and the Gershwins. With each album Krall becomes more at ease with her music and comfortable with her obvious talent subsequently on this album this confidence shines through. Even her vocals are reflecting her abundance of experience in that it is gaining new nuances as she goes on. Her piano playing has always been top notch and now her vocals are catching up. Krall is in a good place in her personal life, being married to Elvis Costello and expecting twins soon, and it is reflected in her music.

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