Jerry Garcia

It takes two discs to even give a fair shake to the music and career that Jerry Garcia had. Of the modern day era he is one of the giants so putting a 'best of' together is a challenge. It is useless to argue about what should have been included or should not when you're dealing with a catalogue this large. Let's just be happy with what we've gotten. Besides his work with the Grateful Dead as a solo artist he explored the genres of blues, folk, roots, and bluegrass music. The two discs are divided into disc one being studio tracks and disc two being live tracks. True fans of Garcia will really enjoy disc two in that they probably already have all the material on disc one. Both discs show Garcia to be an artist who was passionate about the music he played. What is quite cool about the CD is the fairly lengthy booklet that is included which includes set lists and an informative essay. Listening to an album like this makes one melancholic about the great talent that was taken from us too early.

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