The Who

After many years together this British band still has enough of a love for music to release a CD of 21 tracks. Impressive! This even though their bassist, John Entwistle, has died since their last recording. "Endless Wire" has been conceived as a companion to the Who mini opera "Wire & Glass". The boys have not shied away from controversial topics within their lyrics as they touch upon religion, politics and the biggie – war. Actually, looking back over that list I do not know which is the biggie as they are all intertwined in today's world. Despite all their years recording and on the road the boys (Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry) sound as good as they ever have. Also within the songs you can almost hear the ghosts of Entwistle and Keith Moon. It is almost as if the past 30 years have not happened listening to the album.

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