Married With Children – The Complete Sixth Season

I've always wondered if the television show Married With Children was so popular because it depicted the life of the average American. If so, there is no wonder why the country is in the state it's in. The Bundy's, especially the father Al, are all miserable. Al hates his job as a shoe salesman, Peg (wife) is lazy, Bud (son) is an outsider who has no luck with women, and Kelly (daughter) is an air head. Their lives are all a complete mess in which they spend most of their time thinking up schemes and then figuring out how to get out of the chaos they've created. Most of what happens on the show is low brow and crass; it is amazing sometimes what they get away with saying or doing on the show. Most of the time it is funny and outrageous. In this season Peg discovers that she is pregnant, Kelly gets her own television show and Al starts working as a private detective.

Episode 1: She's Having a Baby, Part 1: Peg (Katey Sagal – from television's 8 Simple Rules) discovers that she is pregnant at the same time that Marcy (Amanda Bearse – from television's All My Children) does. Jefferson (Ted McGinley – from television's Hope & Faith) is happy and Al (Ed O'Neill – The Bone Collector, The Spanish Prisoner) is less so.

Episode 2: She's Having a Baby, Part 2: Al and Jefferson both run away from their wives.

Episode 3: If Al Had a Hammer: Using the fabled Bundy hammer, Al builds a room just for him. Bud (David Faustino – appeared in episodes of Family Ties and The Love Boat) starts calling himself "Grandmaster B".

Episode 4: Cheese, Cues and Blood: In order to raise the money for a competition, Kelly (Christina Applegate – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Employee of the Month) hustles men at pool.

Episode 5: Looking For a Desk in All the Wrong Places: Jefferson has sold all of Marcy's childhood furniture, so she and Peg decide to hunt it down.

Episode 6: Buck Has a Belly Ache: Peg is jealous of all the attention paid to Buck so she runs off.

Episode 7: If I Could See Me Now: After he has a few accidents, Kelly and Bud persuade Al to get glasses.

Episode 8: God's Shoes: Al starts to make the perfect pair of shoes after having a vision of God.

Episode 9: Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 1: Kelly starts her own talk show and the networks are interested.

Episode 10: Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 2: While in Hollywood Kelly's show is mauled by the censors.

Episode 11: Al Bundy, Shoe Dick: Al starts a job as a private detective and is framed for murder.

Episode 12: So This is How Sinatra Felt: Thinking that Al is having an affair, Peg sends Kelly and Bud to spy on him.

Episode 13: I Who Have Nothing: Al feels like he has nothing that is just his so he decides to get his championship game football back.

Episode 14: The Mystery of Skull Island: Bud begins dating an extreme sporter.

Episode 15: Just Shoe It: Al stars in a sneaker commercial.

Episode 16: Rites of Passage: On Bud's 18th birthday Al decides they should bond by going to a strip bar.

Episode 17: The Egg and I: Steve (David Garrison – appeared in episodes of Remington Steele and LA Law) comes back for his wife and is shocked to discover that Marcy has remarried.

Episode 18: My Dinner With Anthrax: Bud wins a "Dinner With Anthrax" contest and sends Peg and Al away on a vacation.

Episode 19: Psychic Avengers: Jefferson tells Al about his psychic phone scam and soon Al is running the business.

Episode 20: High I.Q.: Bud doubts it when Kelly is invited to a dinner for intelligent people.

Episode 21: Teacher Pets: Bud dates two women at the same time and one is his English teacher.

Episode 22: The Goodbye Girl: Al takes a vacation in the living room. Kelly is hired to work at an amusement park.

Episode 23: The Gas Station Show: Al takes a job at a gas station to work off the debt Peg and his kids accumulated buying junk food.

Episode 24: England Show, Part 1: The Bundys win a trip to England. The town of Lower Uncton wants to rid the world off all male Bundys so they cannot reproduce.

Episode 25: England Show, Part 2: The Bundys shop in England before going to Lower Uncton.

Episode 26: England Show, Part 3: Al has to joust for the lives of his family in a medieval competition in Lower Uncton.

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