Damien Rice

When you have released a debut album that wowed the critics and record buyers alike it is a tall order to recreate that with your follow-up disc. Rice's second album has not reached the heights of his first, but it is still a solid effort. "9 Crimes" (a duet with Lisa Hannigan) and "Elephant" are the strongest tracks with the others being not bad but sounding quite alike. "9 Crimes" will also get great exposure from the fact that it was played on the hit television series "Grey's Anatomy". The arrangements on this album are once again light, but not inadequate. The last track on the album "Sleep Don't Weep" is a 21 minute opus with great lyrics. Lyrically the album seems like it was almost entirely written in a stream of consciousness fashion. Damien Rice, with this album, has really strengthened the claim that he is a 'must watch' artist.

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