Father Christmas

The hardest working man, well, at least in the month of December, takes a well deserved vacation after an incredible night's work. Kris Kringle changes his sleigh into a trailer attaches the reindeer and flies off for holiday. He goes to Las Vegas, France and Scotland on his trip. After his fun trip, Kringle comes back to his workshop to catch up on the mail and get the gifts ready for Christmas night. He wants everything to go smoothly so he can get to the Snowman's party on time.

"Father Christmas" is based on the best-selling book by Raymond Briggs. It is the type of heartwarming Christmas story that all ages love. The story makes Santa Claus seem more like a human being with a full range of emotions rather than some kind of mythical creature. Though the animated version is fairly true to the book, this Santa Claus is somewhat more pleasant than that of the book. It is aimed at kids from 5-10, but it does have a wider appeal.

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