Amy Winehouse

This young lady definitely knows the meaning of the term 'old school' as she has made an album which is the oldest of the 'old school' sounds being used by young artists today. She does not sample Public Enemy from the 80s or Soul II Soul from the 90s, she goes back to Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross of the 50s and 60s to create her own sound. It is a mix of Motown, ska and soul. Her voice is a clear, strong and rich one. Every emotion that is within her songs/lyrics is strongly evoked by her voice. We feel what she sings. Take special note of the explicit lyrics sticker on the front of your CD and think about when was the last time you saw this on a jazz/soul CD? Winehouse does write very straight-from-the-hip lyrics and the sticker is warranted. The arrangements that accompany her voice are simple and minimal, but for me the drumming/percussion really stand out on the album. It is definitely the focal point musically. The critics fell in love with this unique British artist from the get go and it is easy to see why. It is a short album which leaves you wanting more…smart girl!

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