Messin’ Around

Molly Johnson has one of the most unique and polished voices in Canadian jazz today. Her voice just seems to get better and better and gain new layers with each recording she does. The album is a mix of adult contemporary, jazz and soul music. Part of her appeal, for me, is the fact that she does not choose the 'obvious' songs when she does the obligatory covers that jazz artists seem to. Covers of "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen and Prince's "Tangerine" are illustrations of that. She does not just 'cover' songs but brings her own flair to them. Besides writing most of the originals herself she also has collaborated with Lenny Kravitz's guitarist, Craig Ross. Put this album on and you will instantly be transported to a smoky (o.k. o.k., in the past they would have been smoky), dimly lit jazz club.

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