Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition

With this box set you can have the entire collection of films starring the man of steel who wears blue tights, a red Speedo and cape with a giant letter 'S' on his chest. The five films have done, for the most part, good business at the box office and Superman is still the most popular of the superheroes.

Director: Richard Donner

Due to the conflict on his home planet, Jor-El (Marlon Brando – Apocalypse Now, On the Waterfront) sends his baby son, Kal-El, to the planet Earth in order to try and preserve the Krypton race. Due to Earth's sun, Kal-El gains superhuman powers. Raised by the Kents, an older couple who live on a farm, Clark (Christopher Reeves – The Remains of the Day, Deathtrap) grows up to become an honest and decent boy who realizes that his super powers must be used for good. Clark moves to the big city of Metropolis and becomes a reporter for the Daily Planet. Whenever anyone in the city is in peril Clark trades in his glasses for the cape of Superman and saves the day. Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman – Unforgiven, The Royal Tenenbaums), an evil man, is plotting a real estate scam of huge proportions. A scam so big that it will be difficult even for Superman to stop.

Special Features:
-Trailers and TV spots
-Taking Flight: The Development of Superman
-Making Superman: Filming the Legend
-The Magic Behind the Cape
-Restored scenes
-Screen tests
-Vintage TV special "The Making of Superman: The Movie"
-1951 movie Superman and the Mole-Men, starring George Reeves
-Nine Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons

Superman II – Original and The Richard Donner Cut:
Director: Richard Donner

After a nuclear explosion occurs in space, three criminals, Ursa (Sarah Donner – Conan the Destroyer), Non (Jack O'Halloran – Dragnet, The Flintstones) and General Zod (Terence Stamp – Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Elektra), from Krypton are released from their jail. They decide that they should come to Earth where they think that they will be the rulers. Superman is continuing his crime fighting ways and he gets involved with Lois Lane (Margot Kidder – Superman III, The Amityville Horror), who discovers who he really is. Clark/Superman's love for Lois drains all his powers. Lex Luthor also escapes from prison and decides to hook up with the three criminals in order to bring down Superman.

Special Features:
-Includes footage shot but never used, including a never-before-seen beginning, a never-before-seen resolution, 15 minutes of restored footage of Marlon Brando as Jor-El, and more
-New featurette "Superman II: Restoring the Vision"
-Additional scenes
-Theatrical trailer
-Vintage TV specials "The Making of Superman II" and "Superman 50th Anniversary"
-New featurette "First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Series"
-Eight famous studios Superman cartoons

Superman III: Deluxe Edition
Director: Richard Lester

Gus (Richard Pryor – Lost Highway, See No Evil, Hear No Evil), a computer whiz, is asked by Ross (Robert Vaughn – BASEketball, The Magnificent Seven), the president of a large company, to construct a computer that is invincible. Superman blocks Gus' first attempt, but Gus had proceeded far enough that the invincible computer is made and Superman is split into two entities: Good Superman and Bad Superman. Superman and the computer end up doing battle.

Special Features:
-Vintage TV special "The Making of Superman III"
-Additional scenes
-Theatrical trailer

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace – Deluxe Edition
Director: Sidney J. Furie

Lex Luthor is back and is as bad as ever. He steals a lock of Superman's hair from a museum and attempts to use it to create a Nuclear Man in order to defeat Superman. Nuclear Man (Mark Pillow – first film) gets his power from the Sun's rays. Luthor wants Superman out of the way so he can rule the world.

Special Features:
-Additional scenes
-Theatrical trailer

Superman Returns: Special Edition
Director: Bryan Singer

After destroying what he believes to be the last of the bad guys, Superman (Brandon Routh – Karla) leaves Earth in order to return to Krypton after astronomers claim to have found it. When he finally finds it there are just pieces of it left, so Superman returns to Earth. On Earth he discovers that people have gone on without him. His beloved Lois (Kate Bosworth – Wonderland, The Horse Whisperer) is now married to Richard White (James Marsden – X-Men: The Last Stand, The Notebook) and has a son. Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey – The Usual Suspects, Seven) has returned and is aided by Kitty Kowalski (Parker Posey – Best In Show, Scream 3). Luthor's plan is to use some Krypton crystals in order to create a new continent which will destroy the most of North America. Kryptonite, as Luthor has discovered, is Superman's only weakness.

Special Features:
-"Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns": a comprehensive 3-hour documentary including: Secret Origins and First Issues: Crystallizing Superman, The Crystal Method: Designing Superman, An Affinity for Beachfront Property: Shooting Superman (Superman on the Farm, Superman in the City, Superman in Peril), The Joy of Lex: Menacing Superman, He's Always Around: Wrapping Superman, and Resurrecting Jor-El
-Deleted scenes: The Date, Family Photos, Crash Landing/X-Ray Vision, Old Newspapers, Are You Two Dating?, Martinis and Wigs, I'm Always Right, Jimmy the Lush, Language Barrier, Crystal Feet, New Krypton
-Easter egg: "Wrong!"
-Theatrical and video game trailers

Additional Discs:
– 'You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman'
– 'Look up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman'
– Bryan Singer's Video Journal for 'Superman Returns'

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