Jay is one of the most successful hip-hop artists out there. With numerous hits to his name and his Roc-A- Fella company doing well, Jay's back with a brand new album entitled "Kingdom Come." As usual Jay manages to impress listeners with his rap skills but what I like about him is that he incorporates some really cool musical backdrops on his albums. This album is no different. Tracks like "Oh My God" and the title track are groovy. "Show Me What You Got" is average. The talented John Legend collaborates on the smooth "Do You Wanna Ride." "30 Something" is a decent effort. Jay's girlfriend Beyonce Knowles gets seductive on the track entitled "Hollywood." "Trouble" has a cool vibe. "Minority Report" features Ne-Yo, who sounds great as usual. Chris Martin helps Jay end off this album with "Beach Chair." Overall I would say that this is one of the better hip hop/rap albums I've heard this year. There are a few mediocre tracks but most of the album is cool. Check out the Deluxe Limited edition, which includes a bonus DVD.

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