Real Live Roadrunning

After their successful coupling (musically, anyways) for the album "All the Roadrunning", Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris got together and played some live shows. The show was recorded at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California in June of 2006. Playing five songs from the album and some of their solo stuff, they had their audiences dancing in the aisles. Each of their strengths comes shining through live. Knopfler is great on the guitar and Harris' voice is like that of an angel. They never really push things, but that is all right because you don't get the feeling that they needed to. The duo show that musicianship wins over choreography and pyrotechnics every time.

1) Right Now
2) Red Staggerwing
3) Red Dirt Girl
4) Done With Bonaparte
5) Romeo and Juliet
6) All That Matters
7) This Is Us
8) All the Roadrunning
9) Boulder to Birmingham
10) Speedway at Nazareth
11) So Far Away
12) Our Shangri-La
13) If This is Goodbye
14) Why Worry

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