Snoop Dogg

Here he is again…yup, Snoop Dogg is back, pointing his gun around in the CD slip, surrounded by money, booze and some cheap looking broad. He's also invited a bunch of guest artists such as Jamie Foxx, Akon, R. Kelly and The Game. Nate Dogg drops by on the smooth tune "Crazy." Damian Marley is a fantastic artist but it was disappointing to see him participating on "Get A Light." The musical backdrop of Dido's hit song "Thank You" is sampled on "Round Here." Many of the songs, I skipped because they were uninteresting. As the album nears its end, Snoop takes a complete turn with "Imagine" featuring Dr. Dre and D'Angelo, talking about social issues and unfortunate circumstances. Sounds hypocritical since he just spent the entire album promoting the causes for these issues…violence, drugs etc. And who could have ever thought that the legendary Stevie Wonder would appear on a Snoop album. "Conversations" is the title of this closing track, encouraging listeners to have a talk with God. This is another typical formula album. Nothing new.

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