Who Killed the Electric Car?

After watching a documentary like this one it really makes you wonder what makes a film catch the public's attention. Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" caught on like hotcakes and it is from the same family of documentary subjects (the environment and being green) as this film but did big business at the box office whereas I had not heard of this film until its DVD release. Surprising because the subject definitely is topical. The documentary itself is not the problem from what I can see. Chris Paine has made a film which is full of information that is presented in an entertaining way. Narrated by Martin Sheen (Bobby, Apocalypse Now), the electric car is presented as a simple way of cutting down our pollution and consumption problem. They are showing us an easy way to try and save our planet. The complex science behind the electric car is presented in a way that everyone can understand it. Maybe the film was too damaging to big business (General Motors!) and was shoved under the rug? I don't know…do I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist? Well, give me another explanation then! Maybe it was not popular because it is a true story that is incredibly sad. Whatever the problems were let's not make the mistake again. Don't ignore the film or its message! Inform yourself!

The documentary looks at the history and reasons behind the conception (100 years ago) and downfall of the electric car. There is also a focus on sustainable energy and living greener lives. Gasoline prices in the United States are creeping up towards $4,00 per gallon, the Middle East is becoming more and more unstable a supplier and our supply of crude oil is becoming depleted – rapidly. A large portion of the American population is becoming aware of the inevitable and that has translated into the popularity of hybrid vehicles being purchased in greater quantities. Director Chris Paine (first film) uses the film to try and educate those of us who have not caught on about what our future is bringing us. We are shown to be addicted to oil and automobiles plus not quick to realize that it is not going to be around forever. The finger is pointed directly at the American government, oil companies, car makers, and most importantly consumers, who continue to ignore what is right in their faces and compound the problem by insisting on buying gas guzzling SUVs. During the span of a decade General Motors develops, builds and then shelves the electric car. Why is the question asked often during the film. Celebrities such as Mel Gibson and Peter Horton are brought in to speak of the benefits of the electric car.

Special Features:
-12 Deleted Scenes
-Documentary: "Jump-Starting the Future"
-Music Video: Meeky Rosie's "Forever

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