My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I had high hopes because the film looked like a cross between Superman and Fatal Attraction and the possibility for humour was vast. Maybe too vast. Sometimes films can be fun and silly and still be worth the investment of your time to watch them. Unfortunately this was not the Continue Reading

The Snowman

In 1982 this animated short was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Pretty impressive for a film that has no dialogue other than a song sung in the background. The animation is of the old-fashioned hand-drawn variety, but do not mistake that for inferior. Actually, the Continue Reading

Little Man

An odd combination of a father-son emotional picture with a silly physical comedy picture done by those crazy Wayans brothers, Little Man is a film that tries (o.k., in the last 5 minutes) to be more than it actually is. It is the type of film where it is useless Continue Reading