Hogan’s Heroes – The Complete Fifth Season

Colonel Robert Hogan (Bob Crane – Return to Peyton Place) and his troop have been captured by the Germans during World War II and are interred in a POW camp. Sound like a comedy? Well, on the wacky world of television this was a popular comedy series during the 60s. What the Germans never seem to figure out is that Hogan and his gang are conduction espionage and sabotage operations right underneath their noses. Much of the comedy comes from the fact that the Germans are so silly and easily fooled. Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer – Houseboat), the leader of the German POW camp, is more preoccupied with not being transferred to the front lines than he is with disciplining Hogan et al.

Episode 1: Hogan Goes Hollywood: Hogan uses an American actor in a German propaganda film in order to get some information home.

Episode 2: The Well: Hogan steals a codebook, but can't use it after Newkirk drops it into a well.

Episode 3: The Klink Commandos: Hogan and others volunteer for a German suicide mission in order to get a chance to steal some important documents.

Episode 4: The Gasoline War: The guys try to figure out how to destroy a gas station that has just been built in the camp.

Episode 5: Unfair Exchange: Hogan tries to swap Burkhalter's sister for a captured Allied soldier.

Episode 6: The Kommandant Dies at Dawn: Hogan plants some information destined for the underground on Klink and as a result he is to be executed.

Episode 7: Bombsight: A new weapon is to be tested and Hogan tries to steal the plans in order to sabotage it.

Episode 8: The Big Picture: Klink is being blackmailed over a picture and so Hogan plans to steal it.

Episode 9: The Big Gamble: A plane is shot down near the camp and Hogan must stop the Germans from getting their hands on a secret device that was on board.

Episode 10: The Defector: A field marshal who is defecting has to be helped by Hogan.

Episode 11: The Empty Parachute: Hogan plants an open parachute in the camp and has the Germans thinking that an Allied soldier is amongst them.

Episode 12: The Antique: Hogan tricks Klink into selling antique cuckoo clocks in town and as a result he gets to smuggle information out.

Episode 13: Is There a Traitor in the House?: A German propaganda radio program is a perfect way for Hogan to smuggle out information.

Episode 14: At Last-Schultz Knows Something: Hogan tries to get Schultz to clue him in to where the secret atomic installation is.

Episode 15: How's the Weather?: Hogan throws a birthday party of Klink in order to use the balloons as weather forecasters.

Episode 16: Get Fit or Go Fight: Hogan convinces Klink to get into shape so he will not be sent to the Russian front.

Episode 17: Fat Hermann, Go Home: Hogan tries to get a bunch of stolen paintings back to London by train.

Episode 18: The Softer They Fall: Kinchoe fights the German boxing champ in order to create a diversion.

Episode 19: Gowns by Yvette: In order to get a defector out of Germany, Hogan uses the wedding dress of Burkhalter's niece.

Episode 20: One Army at a Time: Carter, who is in a German uniform, convinces them he is German.

Episode 21: Standing Room Only: Not having balanced books puts Klink in jeopardy.

Episode 22: Six Lessons From Madame LaGrange: A singer and Hogan try to stop the Gestapo from capturing some Allied soldiers.

Episode 23: The Sergeant's Analyst: Burkhalter finds Schultz goofing off and decides to send him to the front.

Episode 24: The Merry Widow: Hogan sets up a female agent with Klink in order to get some secret documents out.

Episode 25: Crittendon's Commandos: On a parachute mission in order to capture Rommel, Crittendon is the only one not captured.

Episode 26: Klink's Escape: Hogan convinces Klink he is about to capture some POWs trying to escape.

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