Little Man

An odd combination of a father-son emotional picture with a silly physical comedy picture done by those crazy Wayans brothers, Little Man is a film that tries (o.k., in the last 5 minutes) to be more than it actually is. It is the type of film where it is useless to debate its comedic merits as you will either find its brand of humour funny or you won't. Keenen Ivory Wayans (White Chicks, Scary Movie) directs two of his brothers in this over-the-top farce. You have to say that the Wayans definitely have a style or brand of humour that they use over and over in their films. As for my two cents worth, well, the movie is quite low-brow. Usually with comedy you have to suspend reality a little to make things work, but in this film the situations are so ridiculous that it renders them not funny in my opinion. We don't expect intricate comedy from the Wayans, but we have seen better work from all of them especially Keenen. I was even slightly offended by the fun poked at dwarves throughout the film. They definitely crossed the line for me. I am certainly not adverse to mindless fun, but this film is too offensive to all my sensibilities to even be categorized as mindless.

Percy (Tracy Morgan – from television's Saturday Night Live) is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he has been hired by mob boss Walken (Chazz Palminteri – Bullets Over Broadway, The Usual Suspects) to steal the Queen Diamond. His fresh-out-of-prison accomplice, Calvin Simms (Marlon Wayans – Scary Movie 2, Requiem For a Dream), is brought on board to work the job. Calvin is a midget, but what he loses in stature he makes up in toughness. During the robbery things go wrong and Percy and Calvin have to make a run for it. Being cornered by the police in a drugstore, Calvin slips the diamond into the purse of Vanessa Edwards (Kerry Washington – Ray, The Last King of Scotland) without her knowing. Now that they are safe and the diamond is out there all Percy and Calvin have to do is get it back from Vanessa and her husband, Darryl (Shawn Wayans – I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, White Chicks). Unfortunately for then this proves to be a lot harder than they thought. Calvin and Percy come up with the idea of having Calvin pose as an abandoned baby and once he is taken in he will grab the diamond and get out. Like all plans by the bad guys, nothing seems to work out for Calvin. Posing as a baby in diapers, Calvin is put through a number of humiliating situations for a grown man.

Special Features:
-Deleted and extended scenes
-Big Comedy: The Making of Little Man
-From the Ground Up: The Visual Effects of Little Man
-Linden's World
-Method or Madness
-Previews of The Pursuit of Happyness, Casino Royale, Ghost Rider, Stomp the Yard, Click, The Pink Panther (2006), White Chicks, The Benchwarmers, The Da Vinci Code, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Gridiron Gang, Crossover, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and coming to Blu-Ray

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