My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I had high hopes because the film looked like a cross between Superman and Fatal Attraction and the possibility for humour was vast. Maybe too vast. Sometimes films can be fun and silly and still be worth the investment of your time to watch them. Unfortunately this was not the case for this film. I had high hopes going in because of the fact that the film had a good cast and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Kindergarten Cop), who knows a thing or two about directing comedies, as the director. The acting was not bad in the film, so it comes down to the script. Most of the humourous parts fell flat for me. None of the lines and very few of the situations were funny. Most of the humour is of the face value harmless variety, which is fine if it is done well. The cynical part of me was wondering why it is the female super heroes that are always crazy (ex: Catwoman, Elektra) when it comes to the opposite sex. Why are the male super heroes so well-adjusted in that respect? A question I also found myself asking was why female super heroes (see those mentioned above) always have to be wearing some skin tight and revealing costume? Can it really be comfortable? There were also some offensive sexual stereotypes of women (and men, for that matter), which I could have overlooked in a better film. It is a shame the film was not funnier because they wasted the superior comedic talents of two very funny stand up comedians in Eddie Izzard and Wanda Sykes. It was definitely a film that I wanted to laugh at but found myself waiting and waiting and waiting…but the laughs did not come. This was definitely a film when the parts did not add up to the sum for me.

Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman – Dangerous Liasons, Prime) has a secret. She is super-hero, G-Girl. By day she is a mousy, bespectacled neurotic woman who works in an art gallery. Whenever there is something happening in New York that needs her attention she quickly changes into her hot G-Girl outfit to rush off to save the day. As all super-heroes she has an arch enemy named Dr. Bedlam (Eddie Izzard – The Cat's Meow, The Avengers), who she was friends with during high school. On the metro, handsome stranger named Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson – The Family Stone, Home Fries) asks her out for coffee. While in the midst of turning him down, Jenny's purse gets stolen and Matt runs after the thief. Though Jenny ends up catching the thief, she is impressed that Matt tried to help her. She agrees to go out to dinner with him. They embark on a relationship which struggles from the get go. Jenny is head over heels in love with Matt. Matt notices some odd behaviours in Jenny, but can't really figure them out. Jenny, because she is so taken with Matt, decides to tell him that she is G-Girl. Matt thinks it is cool at first that he is sleeping with a super hero, but eventually his initial doubts about Jenny come back. Jenny is jumpy, neurotic and jealous of Matt's co-worker, Hannah (Anna Faris – Scary Movie, Just Friends). After talking to his friend Vaughn, (Rainn Wilson – Sahara, Almost Famous), he decides to dump Jenny. Little does know but this could be the worst decision that he has ever made. He soon finds out that you do not just dump a super hero and walk away unscathed.

Special Features:
-Side A: Full screen Feature
-Side B: Widescreen Feature
-Music Video: Molly McQueen "No Sleep 2nite"
-Five Deleted Scenes
-Extended Shark Sequence

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