The Snowman

In 1982 this animated short was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Pretty impressive for a film that has no dialogue other than a song sung in the background. The animation is of the old-fashioned hand-drawn variety, but do not mistake that for inferior. Actually, the hand-drawn adds a warmth to the film. It teaches young ones about the beauty and potential of imagination and the power of friendship. The film is one children will enjoy time and time again.

A young boy living in rural England builds a snowman that comes to life overnight and the snowman ends up escorting him on a magical voyage to the North Pole. The two new friends end up doing many fun things together as the boy invites the snowman to try on human clothes and play with Christmas decorations. Every young person's dream comes true when the snowman takes the young boy to meet Santa Claus.

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