Various Artists

To put the warning explicit lyrics on the cover of this CD seems a tad insufficient. Maybe it should read "I don't know how you could possibly not be offended by the language regardless of age". I don't understand why hip hop artists feel they are being cutting edge or Continue Reading


This Canadian band is along the lines of Stone Temple Pilot or Soundgarden. I don't know about you but I feel like the time for imitating these bands has passed. The lead singer's, Paul Murphy, voice is raspy with a complete reliance on throat singing. A number of songs start Continue Reading

Pet Shop Boys

While on tour supporting their last studio album the Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant and the other guy, Chris Lowe), recorded a show they did with the BBC Concert Orchestra. You would think that this would be an odd combination – a full orchestra with a duo who never used Continue Reading

Keith Urban

Hard to believe that someone married to Nicole Kidman would have reason to have a dark side, but judging by the lyrical content of this album Mr. Urban definitely has a dark side. What I discovered with this album is that Urban is quite a good guitar player. His many Continue Reading

Lily Allen

One listen to this album full of sunshiny pop tunes will have you as in love with this British gal as the music critics are in the U.K. The girl, even through the speakers, has personality to burn and lyrically (she writers her own music) the album smart and witty. Continue Reading