Lily Allen

One listen to this album full of sunshiny pop tunes will have you as in love with this British gal as the music critics are in the U.K. The girl, even through the speakers, has personality to burn and lyrically (she writers her own music) the album smart and witty. Her songs cover topics such as late night pickups, how it is alright to feel some satisfaction over your ex's misfortunes and marijuana. Never a dull moment on this album! Interesting juxtaposition of upbeat beats with dark lyrics. I am sure she will draw some comparisons to Gwen Stefani due to the use of reggae beats on the album and the drama in the lyrics. This is not so far off base as she used Stefani producer Greg Kurstin on this her debut album. No dummy either, this girl! Judging by the fact that the television program "Grey's Anatomy" will be using her music it will be just a matter of time before she is on everyone's radar on this side of the Atlantic.

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