Various Artists

To put the warning explicit lyrics on the cover of this CD seems a tad insufficient. Maybe it should read "I don't know how you could possibly not be offended by the language regardless of age". I don't understand why hip hop artists feel they are being cutting edge or true to the 'hood' by rapping this way. I for one, despite the undeniably catchy beats, end up tuning out completely. Eminem used this CD as a boost for his label (Shady Records) and the new artists who perform on it. The first single off the album, however, features established artists Eminem, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks on a track called "You Don't Know". There are other tracks featuring members of D12 and Akon. The unknown artists on the album include Bobby Creekwater, Stat Quo and Ca$his. Well, all I can say is that if Eminem can say what he likes about his critics on the closing track "No Apologies" then I do not have to feel bad about telling people to show their good taste by staying away from this album.

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