The Omen

Sometimes you just wonder what they were thinking in regards to certain remakes. "The Omen" was a successful movie when it was first released in 1976 and was remade in 2006. The odd part is that they used the exact same screenplay as the original. Nothing was changed or updated. It sorta strikes me as pointless to make the same movie twice. All that being said, this film is certainly faithful to the original and overall is not a bad film. For those who have not seen the original it is still as creepy and smart a film as the 1976 version. What they have done to this version in order to make it appealing to young viewers is cast Julia Stiles and Liev Shreiber in the lead roles and they do adequate jobs. The weak link in the cast, unfortunately, is Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, who is no way near as creepy as the original Damien. What has changed or improved in the film are the graphics. This allows the director to go further with the gory scenes and there is an especially impressive death visually for one of the characters. The 2006 version of The Omen is a decent film that if you don't have too many expectations will end up entertaining you. On the DVD version there are some never-before-seen unrated scenes that have been tacked on. Director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix) uses this as an opportunity to include some of his more gory scenes.

U.S. diplomat Robert Thorn (Liev Shreiber – Kate and Leopold, Hamlet) swaps his stillborn baby for the son of a woman who dies during childbirth with no known relatives. Thorn is thinking of his wife, Katherine (Julia Stiles – Save the Last Dance, O), who is somewhat unstable. Thorns is transferred to England as the U.S. ambassador and soon after strange things begin to occur. First the nanny commits suicide at Damien's (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick – has appeared in episodes of Sex and the City and Law and Order: Criminal Intent) 6th birthday party then Katherine begins to think that Damien hates her. To make matters worse a Roman Catholic priest, Father Brennan (Pete Postlthewaite – In the Name of the Father, The Constant Gardener), surfaces and tries to convince Thorn that Damien is the spawn of the Devil. At first, Thorn ignores him as you would a crazy person, but then freelance photographer David Jennings (David Thewlis – Basic Instinct 2, The New World) also tells Thorn that something is not right with Damien. The new nanny (Mia Farrow – Rosemary's Baby, Hannah and her Sisters) also is quite protective of Damien and strange. Thorn feels as though he is going mad. He does not know what to do and cannot turn to Katherine without telling her about the baby swap. Thorn and Jennings begin an investigation to try and uncover the truth.

Special Features:
-Unrated extended scenes and extended ending
-Omenisms documentary
-Abbey Road Recording Sessions featurette
-Exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette: Revelation 666
-Trailers for The Omen (1966) Collector's Edition
-Theatrical teaser
-Theatrical trailer

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