The Cheetah Girls 2

Disney seems to be heavy into the preteen target area (Power Rangers Mystic Force, Lindsay Lohan movies, etc.) and especially focused on hitting their female audience. I can't imagine a young boy admitting that he was into the Cheetah Girls…or Hilary Duff…these films could all be categorized as pre-chick flicks. It seems as if these young women are jacks of all trade when they become popular. They can all sing, dance, act, and tour around the country to sold out audiences. What they also have in common is that they have all been made rich at the expense of young girls and their parents. The girls race to buy CDs, DVDs and concert tickets not to mention the clothes they buy to look like their idols. I guess young girls have been doing this since Elvis Presley burst onto the scene, so as far as role models go The Cheetah Girls are not the worst I've seen. Other than the fact that adults will find them incredibly annoying, these four girls will relay positive messages to your young women about the importance of friendship, loyalty and sticking to your dreams. Other than the gag reflex for adults the girls are really saccharine sweet and will pose no harm to your young ones.

Galleria (Raven – Fat Albert, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement), Chanel (Adrienne Bailon – Coach Carter), Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan – appeared in episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful and Grounded for Life), and Aqua (Kiely Williams – from television's The Cheetah girls) are best friends and have formed a singing group together. This all-girl band is called "The Cheetah girls" and it is obvious to everyone who listens to them that these girls have talent. They just need a little help getting started. It seems as if the girls are all going to go their own ways over the summer, much to the dismay of Galleria who really wants to spend the summer practicing, but they see an ad in a magazine about a singing competition in Barcelona, Spain. The girls end up making the cut and jet off, with Galleria's mom, Dorothea (Lynn Whitfield – Stepmom, Jaws: The Revenge), and Chanel's mom, Juanita (Lori Anne Alter – appeared in episodes of Blue Murder and Earth: Final Conflict). Once there it is no different than being at home as the girls all seem to be pulled in different directions. They also are facing some serious competition from native Spaniard singing sensation, Marisol (Belinda – has appeared in several Spanish television series) and her less than honest mother/manager, Lola (Kim Manning – has appeared in several Spanish television series). Winning the competition seems to be impossible and Galleria even ends up doubting her future with the group. This is turning out to be no dream vacation for the friends.

Bonus Features:
-Music video
-Sing along version
-Cheetah Tips: How to be Cheetah-licious
-Sneak peeks of Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Jump In!, Hannah Montana, High School Musical 2, Peter Pan: Special Edition, Ratatouille, High School Musical: Remix, Read It and Weep, and Suite Life of Hannah Montana

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