Pretty Poison

Where to begin? How about, at first glance. The packaging for this DVD is so bizarrely at odds with the film. Whoever was hired to do the graphic design made a cover that indicates the film you are renting is a current straight-to-video "True Romance" style romp of sex and violence, starring the new up and coming television starlet before she became known. When in reality you are getting a film originally released in 1968 starring a young Anthony Perkins (Psycho-need I say more).

Although not accurate in era, the cover design does let you know what calibre of film you are signing up for. We can thank the makers of this movie for spawning such future gems as 'Poison Ivy." More appropriately, it can be considered as having been spawned by "Lolita." It is a mediocre film that happened to hold my attention, not by its quality, but by its oddity. The oddness of which was heightened by the fact that I did not know what to expect.

It is the story of Dennis Pitt (Anthony Perkins) who must cope with life outside the mental institution where he essentially grew up. When he meets the seductively childlike Sue Ann Stepanek (Tuesday Weld – Looking for Mr.Goodbar, Falling Down) he decides the only way she could be interested in him, is if he were someone else. A web of lies is woven throughout the film, as it attempts to prove that appearances can be deceiving.

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