The Walkmen

Let me get this straight…this album is a complete (from first note to the last) carbon copy of the 1974 album put out by John Lennon (as producer) and Harry Nilsson? I don't get it? What is the point? Why would, if someone was interested, a person not just listen to the original? Hmm…that being said, if you are a fan of the music/album then you should enjoy this one. There definitely is a good vibe to the music. It is all very upbeat and rocky with a done in one take feel to it. The songs on the album are a mix of originals (written in 1974) and some classic tunes. What the songs all have in common is their appreciation of friendship and booze. If you are able to get your dirty little mitts on a copy of the Limited Edition version do so because it contains a bonus DVD with a "making of" the album with The Walkmen.

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