Material Girls

I am usually the first to get excited when a new teenie movie is released. The whole mindless, drama-filled, hormone raging thing is like my soap opera. Watching these films is like 90 minutes of shutting my brain down, not thinking and just being entertained. Well, I also happen to like Hilary Duff as she seems like she has some talent, has a brain, is genuine, and enjoys what she does. So I popped this DVD in and sat back expecting to like the film, but unfortunately even the fact that Hilary is in it was not enough for me. Despite the fact that the film was endorsed by the Dove Foundation as having a positive image for young women is not a recommendation in this case. The film was predictable, vacuous (which I sometimes like, but in this case it was not in a good way) and even borderline irritating at times. Rats! Everyone's favourite sisters come crashing down to the ground. In flames! Director Martha Coolidge (Valley Girl, Lost in Yonkers) should have known better as she has directed some smart films in the past. There is nothing endearing about the without-a-clue sisters and they both border on annoying. It is hard to believe, other than Paris Hilton, that any two could lead such sheltered lives. The fact that they have no idea how the world works becomes annoying after about 5 minutes. We do not feel any sympathy for them. It starts with a horrible version of Madonna's "Material Girls" and does not get any better as it goes along. The film was even distributed by Madonna's company Maverick…tsk, tsk! I also cannot believe that Angelica Huston agreed to star in this film…double tsk, tsk!

Teenaged sisters Tanzie (Hilary Duff – Cheaper By The Dozen, The Lizzie McGuire Movie) and Ava Marchetta (Haylie Duff – Napoleon Dynamite, Addams Family Reunion) are two girls who seemingly have it all. They are good looking, rich and life is just one big party for them. The two girls are millionaires due to the fact that the cosmetics company that their father, who died, left to them is all the rage with the under 30 crowd. They seem set for life. It is just when you least expect it that life seems to teach you the hard learned lesson that things can change in the blink of an eye. At a gala to honour their father a scandal breaks that Marchetta cosmetics have caused irreparable damage to some customers' skin. The company's stock plummets, the girls accidentally set fire to their own house, their car is stolen, and they are basically left on the streets penniless. Ruthless competitor Fabiella (Angelica Houston – The Addams Family, Prizzi's Honor) offers them 60 cents on the dollar for their company. The board and the CEO, Tommy (Brent Spiner – The Aviator, I Am Sam), both advise the girls to sell. Not knowing what to do with everyone turning their backs on them, all they are sure of is that their father would have never put something onto the market that didn't test well, so they decide to look a little deeper into things.

Special Features:
-Cast Of Characters: The Making of Material Girls
-"Material Girls" music montage
-Theatrical trailer
-Getting to Know Hilary and Haylie as the Marchetta Sisters
-Music video: Hilary Duff – "Play With Fire"

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