5th Projekt

Just when the post-Christmas music doldrums seem like they are going to drag you under there comes a release that reinvigorates you. 5th Projekt is another example of why I thank God that Canadians make music. We rock! For a relatively small (population-wise) country we do churn out more than our fare share of musical talent. Toronto based (What a promising group not out of Montreal?! I was just as surprised as you) 5th Projekt is a quartet fronted by female vocalist Tara Reid. She has one of the more interesting voices to come around in a long time. If you are a fan of powerful yet vulnerable female voices then you've come to the right place. Musicwise the band will remind you of Portishead or the like as they mix a 70s progressive rock sound with orchestral instrumentation. Some may find the music pretentious and inaccessible, but if you give it a chance and listen to it a couple of times you'll see that 5th Projekt is just a band who takes pride in making 'good' music.