The third year Professional Theatre students at Dawson College will be putting on the David Edgar play "Pentecost" to start off the winter semester. Edgar is one of England most popular playwrights who wrote a ton of plays. Pentecost takes place in an unidentified Eastern European country. A series of frescoes are discovered in an abandoned building. The frescoes have been hidden for a long time and their content could change the face of art forever. Local priests begin to argue about who owns the frescoes and what they mean. At the same time a group of refugees of different cultures arrive and seek political asylum. Due to the refugees and the frescoes there erupts a whole slew of political and religious debates. The refugees feel themselves backed into a corner and take a radical approach to try to solve their problems. The climax of the play is quite explosive.

Additional information:
-Dome Theatre – 3990 Notre Dame Ouest (Place St. Henri metro)
-Box Office: (514) 931-5000
-Ticket Prices: Previews are free admission
Adults: $10.00, Seniors/Students: $6.00

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