Night Train to Paris

Former United States O.S.S. agent Alan Holiday (Leslie Nielson – The Poseidon Adventure, Airplane!) is now living, or trying to, a quiet life in London. When he receives a beautiful young lady named Catherine (Aliza Gur – From Russia With Love) on New Year's Eve his quiet existence flies out the window. Catherine tells Alan that she is a friend of his old boss, Jules Lemoine (Hugh Latimer – starred in several British television series). Without really knowing why Alan is convinced to smuggle a tape recording into Paris for Lemoine. The tape contains some important defense evidence for a trial. Quicker than you can bat an eye Lemoine turns up dead and Alan figures out that nothing is as it seems. Alan cannot escape as he is now a part of this deception put on by an unknown enemy. Things are becoming very interesting and very dangerous for Alan.

To me if Leslie Nielson is not doing comedy then he almost seems like a fish out of water. There are some witty one liners delivered by his character, but not enough to convince me that he was a former spy. I just did not buy it. Even though it is a fairly short film (with a running time of just over an hour), there were still moments where I lost interest. I don't know if it was because of the poor acting or the improbable script, but something about the film just did not work for me.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer
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