Don’t Knock the Rock/Rock Around the Clock

This double feature DVD release includes two musical feel good films starring Bill Haley & His Comets as the band that is bringing rock 'n' roll to the people.

Don't Knock the Rock
This is the story of an idolized band who escapes to their home town to get a little rest, only discover that the music for which they are beloved is taboo. Alan Dale stars as the teen idol who gives up his vacation to crusade for the right to rock 'n' roll! In doing so he meets the daughter of his toughest critic, and falls in love.

Also featuring: Little Richard, The Treniers, and Dave Appell and His Applejacks.

Rock Around the Clock
In an effort to find the musical pulse of the nation, band promoter Steve Hollis (Johnny Johnston) sets out to find the next new sensation. Stumbling into a small town, he discovers they are dancing to, not quite jive, not quite swing, but this crazy thing called rock 'n' roll. He enlists the small town band (Bill Haley & His Comets) to help take rock 'n' roll mainstream. Aided by a sister/brother dancing duo, they take this phenomena nation wide.

Also featuring: The Platters

Besides both starring Bill Haley & His Comets, these two films have almost everything else in common. Both feature two women fighting for a man's attention, and in both cases one is pure and good, the other greedy and selfish. The good girl (who always gets the man) is, in both scenarios, significantly younger than the leading man.

Both films boast extensive music and dance numbers, which is clearly the purpose of watching. During one scene I commented to my friend, "Are we supposed to believe that people in the '50's used to break into elaborate dance routines when hanging out at home?" to which she promptly responded "This is their O.C." The truth is, I can quite easily picture my mother watching in her early teens and thinking "Wouldn't that be the living end!"

As a fan of John Waters, and Reverend Horton Heat, I could watch these films and appreciate the influence the era had not only over music but also the aesthetics we have come to value today. Watch for a very spellbinding dance sequence involving short shorts and fishnets stockings in Don't Knock the Rock.

Special Features:
A strangely elaborate list of subtitle languages, including Portuguese and Thai.

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