Love’s Abiding Joy

Obviously this series of films based on Janette Oke's novels is quite popular as they keep releasing more. Like the others it is a film with Christian leanings and family values. Unlike the other three films this one has several sub-plots woven into the main one and as a result seems like a 'fuller' film. The good thing about the series is that each film can stand independently. You do not have to watch the others before seeing this one; you will be able to follow along easily. Director Michael Landon Jr. (Love Comes Softly) has included some breathtaking scenic shots in the film. Religion does play a part in the film but you will not feel like it is being pushed upon you.

The LaHayes, Willie (Logan Bartholomew – American Wedding) and Missie (Erin Cottrell – Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde), have set up their home in the rugged West of the United States. Willie raises cattle and Missie takes care of their infant daughter Kathy, young son Maddy (Brett Coker – first film) and adopted son, Jeff (Drew Tyler Bell – Jeepers Creepers II). Times are tough and Missie has to take a job as a teacher in order to bring a little more money in. The family is quite excited as Missie's father, Clark (Dale Midkiff – Pet Cemetery, The Crow: Salvation), is coming to visit. The happy reunion is soon turned to sorrow when a tragedy occurs. Missie is no longer capable of working, so Willie has to accept the offer of Mayor Taylorson (Stephen Bridgewater – The Fisher King, Forrest Gump) to become the town's sheriff. Jeff is quite taken with Mayor Taylorson's daughter, Melinda (Brianna Brown – Spider Man 2, The 40 Year Old Virgin), much to the Mayor's dismay. He does not approve of Jeff and does everything he can to keep them apart. The LaHaye family has to learn to pull together in this time of crisis and not doubt their faith.

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