Open Season

Beth (Debra Messing – from television's Will and Grace), a park ranger, has domesticated a grizzly bear named Boog (Martine Lawrence – Big Momma's House, Bad Boys). She uses him to educate people about wild animals. Everything is going fine until Boog decides to free a mule deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher – from television's That 70's Show) from Shaw (Gary Sinise – from television's CSI: New York), a hunter with no morals or respect for the law. Soon Elliot, who believes that he and Boog are best friends, is getting Boog into all kinds of trouble. Beth decides that it might be best for Boog to live in the wild. After drugging both Boog and Elliot, Beth helicopters them to what she believes to be a part of the forest safe from hunters. Boog and Elliot wake up to find themselves in the forest and Boog is convinced that if he can get back to Beth he will be able to convince her to keep him. Elliot, who has been run off from his herd by Ian (Patrick Warburton – from television's Seinfeld), makes a deal with Boog, who really wants nothing to do with Elliot, that if he leads him back to Beth then he can live with Beth and Boog. After going around in circles, Boog realizes that Elliot does not know the way and they are lost. Things become more precarious when Shaw brings in a whole bunch of hunters into the area of the forest where Boog and Elliot are. Using an array of different woodland animals, McSquizzy (Billy Connolly – The Last Samurai, White Oleander) the squirrel, Giselle (Jane Krakowski – from television's Ally McBeal) the mule deer and Rosie (Nika Futterman – The Ant Bully, The Wild) the skunk, Boog rallies the troops to do battle against the hunters.

Though I guess that Martin Lawrence/Boog is the 'lead' in this film, Ashton Kutcher as Elliot really steals the show. The voice and energy he brings to his character is perfect and oftentimes hilarious. The animation, using a new technique developed to make the animals' movements even more realistic, is incredible. The animals even begin to look like the actors doing their voices. The film's content is entertaining for kids as those animals do a whole bunch of wild and crazy things and the humour in it is mature enough (at times) that adults will get a kick out of it as well. Some of the 'physical' humour in it will remind the older members of the audience very much of Looney Tunes cartoons. Besides being entertaining the film also has a really good message about the evils of hunting, not trying to domestic wild animals and forest conservation. It is not banged over your head, but it is there. It ends up being quite touching a story with an ending that is not your usual happy ending. Parents, don't fear as it is still a happy one!

Special Features:
-Inside the animals studio
-"Wheel of Fortune" Forest Edition game
-The Voices Behind the Stars
-Voice-A-Rama: See what the characters sound like with different accents
-Music video
-Deleted scenes
-Filmmakers commentary
-Ring tales
-Art gallery
-Beat boards
-DVD-Rom link to online fun
-Sneak peek at "Surf's Up"

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