Broken Saints

For fans of anime and comic books this series should really appeal to you. Director and creator Brooke Burgess (first time director) won a Sundance Award for this series for Best Online Animation. This is how Burgess began by putting his series online and after it became popular is gained distribution. Another reason to support this is that Burgess is a Canadian. Yay! His series is certainly epic in its scope as he uses flash-animation in a comic book style in order to tell his fantasy based story. After watching it you'll agree that the only limits to creativity is the imagination itself. The dialogue is all presented in a kind of lyrical way with a real poetic flow to it. The voicework is all excellent and matches us great with the characters. Burgess has used the excellent smoking man from The X-Files, William B. Davis, and Kirby Morrow (from television's X-Men: Evolution) to flesh out his characters. Moody and dark is how I would classify the artwork or drawings. Once you start watching you will be sucked in and barely notice the 12 hours passing…yes, there are 12 hours of story in this series. Batten down the hatches!

Covering the four corners of the globe, four people who have never met – a distrustful computer programmer from the U.S., an old Japanese priest, a conflicted Arab mercenary and a secretive girl from Fiji – all receive scary prophetic visions. In order to figure out the message they all go to a shadowy city in the West. Here their fates and the fate of the entire world are shown to be linked and part of a global conspiracy. The four heroes are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice – everything.

Disc One:
Chapter 1: Introitus: In four different areas of the world, four strangers see a haunting vision of the future.

Chapter 2: Cryptic: Raimi Matthews (Kirby Morrow) is a computer programmer who trusts no one.

Chapter 3: Versus: Oran (Michael Dobson – appeared in episodes of The X-Files and The Commish) is fighting for his sanity somewhere in the desert in Iraq.

Chapter 4: Epiphany: Kamimura (Colin Foo – appeared in episodes of The L Word and Smallville) searches the memory of a long-time foe in the hopes of finding why the temple was destroyed.

Chapter 5: Awakening: The chief of a tribe keeps a vigil at his adopted daughter's bedside.

Chapter 6: Synchronicity: Is everything in world connected?

Chapter 7: Lucid: Raimi hopes the vision that has been haunting him will go away if he sleeps.

Chapter 8: Lomalagi: A man from the West wants to return Shandala (Janyse Jaud – appeared in episodes of Andromeda and The Outer Limits) to her family.

Special Features:
-Production featurette
-Voice-over and audio featurette
-Broken Saints game trailer
-Art Institute panel discussion
-Broken Saints soundtrack
-Classic trailer
-Trailers for Office Space, Donnie Darko and Prophecy

Disc Two:
Chapter 9: Personas: How do we really know a person's true identity?

Chapter 10: Trinity: Everything comes in threes.

Chapter 11: Surfacing: Shandala feels herself pulled in two directions and if she cracks it might reveal a frightening secret.

Chapter 12: Passage: None of the saints will come out of this unchanged.

Chapter 13: Insertion: Raimi is obliged to take part in something he finds repulsive.

Chapter 14: Harbingers: Kamimura travels through life with the overwhelming burden of far-off memories.

Chapter 15: Tempest: A clash between Heaven and Earth begins.

Special Features:
-Bicom website
-Walker lecture
-TV and radio interviews
-Press slideshow

Disc Three:
Chapter 16: Fallen: Shandala is drifting lost in the cold sea and to survive she tries to recall her childhood.

Chapter 17: Lazarus: Shandala is trapped between a rock in a hard place.

Chapter 18: Forecast: Raimi is out of commission, Oran is angry and Kamimura is possessed.

Chapter 19: Signals: The Saints try to find proof of the conspiracy.

Chapter 20: Inside: You have to go behind the scenes to find out the truth.

Special Features:
-Broken Saint tarot tree
-DVD-ROM features
-Insertion revisited
-Broken clocks
-DTTC: A Broken Saints parody
-Broken legos
-Cryptic: a live action chapter 2
-Fan art slideshow
-3D fan film
-Sponge Saints

Disc Four:
Chapter 21: Convergence: The group has to decide what is to be done about Biocom.

Chapter 22: Revelation: The Saints get back together on the broken down ship owned by Gabriel.

Chapter 23: Ascent: Shandala's past comes up again as the Saints arrive at the Biocom building.

Chapter 24: Truth: Every living being on Earth will see the anger of the sky and be subjected to judgment.

Special Features:
-Broken Saints documentary
-Sundance featurette
-Behind the scenes

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