The Other

It is the summer of 1935 and 9-year-old twins Niles (Chris Udvarnoky – first film) and Holland (Martin Udvarnoky – first film) Perry live on their family farm in Connecticut. Their grandmother Ada (Uta Hagen – Reversal of Fortune, The Boys From Brasil) has taught them 'the game' and they Continue Reading

Decision Before Dawn

It is the final stages of World War II and Germany is severely weakened, but will not surrender. The Allies come up with a new plan which is quite risky and radical. They want to use German POWs as spies. The plan is led by Colonel Devlin (Gary Merrill – Continue Reading


With everybody and his brother releasing CD + DVD packages it makes sense that the queen of pop is also doing it. When it comes to putting on a live show very few artists compare with Madonna. Every tour she does is a virtual feast for the eyes and ears. Continue Reading

Various Artists

I have never really understood the term 'chick flicks' so it is with a heavy heart that I listened to this CD. I have now grasped that every slow song ever recorded has found its way onto the soundtrack of a so-called "chick flick". Such forgettable numbers as Seal's "This Continue Reading