Various Artists

This documentary soundtrack is a fond look at some up-and-coming Texas artists performing in intimate venues during the mid-1970s. Most of the performers, such as John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, and Guy Clark, are now known as some of the best songwriters in country music. Besides the music you Continue Reading

Barenaked Ladies

This disc is meant to accompany the previous Barenaked Ladies release "Barenaked Ladies Is Me". The two albums were recorded at the same time though this album is definitely more peppy than the first. After a listen I found myself thinking that this is the type of album that The Continue Reading

Stars of Track and Field

A nice mix of pop sensibilities with the wildness of electronica is how I can best describe Stars of Track and Field's music. They sound one moment like Echo and the Bunnymen then the next Radiohead and then Coldplay. It is the perfect album to download (legally, of course) to Continue Reading

Fall Out Boy

Though this album is a little different sounding than their mega selling debut, the band remains with its feet planted firmly in the pop punk genre. They have managed to do so while infusing their music with un soupçon of R&B. Hey! The lead single "Thriller" (no not a cover Continue Reading