Barenaked Ladies

This disc is meant to accompany the previous Barenaked Ladies release "Barenaked Ladies Is Me". The two albums were recorded at the same time though this album is definitely more peppy than the first. After a listen I found myself thinking that this is the type of album that The Beach Boys might have released if they were recording now. There is plenty of fun and harmonies on the album. There are also traces of a more rocky sound and also some folk music. The Ladies seem to trying on different sounds for fit on this CD. For you diehard fans, fear not, there are still some straight out pop songs with the typical tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek lyrics that we know and love from the band. This album will probably not enjoy as much commercial success as those they released around the turn of the century as it does not contain the required 2 or 3 monster hits…but who cares?! Another sign of maturity on the album is that a few of the songs ("Fun & Games" and "Another Spin") are verging on the political. Those wild and crazy guys are finally growing up!

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