It seems like anything Hebrew/Israeli is cool at the moment. Vayizaku means to 'call out' in Hebrew and is a solo musician (Albert Kahn, a native of New Jersey) who plays a sort of pop punk that will appeal to fans of Blink 182 or maybe even Green Day. Kahn Continue Reading


Foreigner for me is one of those bands that you do not realize how many hits they had until you listen to an album like this. Their music has been so successful that they have enough to fill a 2-disc collection. They truly were one of the more popular bands Continue Reading

Shiny Toy Guns

Another band who are enamored with the 80s! The synthesizers used by Shiny Toy Guns will remind you (those of you old enough to remember) of Human League or Duran Duran. It is really kitschy and all but still the band has managed to put a modern twist on the Continue Reading

Lucinda Williams

I find it ridiculous when people say that a particular album is an artist's best. How can you decide that? Music is not a quantifiable science…there are no facts or truths to it. Music is individual and we all hear it differently. That being said, many have claimed that this Continue Reading