The Manchurian Candidate – Blu-Ray Edition

It seems like very few remakes are actually worth watching nowadays. The Manchurian Candidate, which was originally released in 1962, has been remade by director Jonathan Demme (Married to the Mob, Silence of the Lambs) and is an exception to that. It is an interesting tension-filled film that will keep you on the edge of your seat guessing until the last moments. It is also fun that although it is based on the same Richard Condon novel as the first film there are some differences in the plots of the two films. Those of you who have seen the original will still be surprised by some parts. What you least expect to happen usually happens in this film and although most of it is truly implausible it is still a good watch. The cast is headed by two A-listers, but the real star of the film, surprisingly enough, is Live Schreiber. He manages to steal the film out from under Washington and Streep, which is a tall order. I am not saying that there are not faults with the film, but they do not keep it from being a fun watch.

During the Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw's (Live Schreiber – Kate and Leopold, The Omen – 2006) unit comes under fire by the enemy. Several American soldiers die and others are wounded. Shaw plays the hero by managing to kill the opposing forces and saving the rest of the unit's lives.

Ten years have passed and now Shaw is a state senator. The rumour is that he will soon be named as the candidate for vice-president. His campaign, which is helped along by his mother, Governor Eleanor Shaw (Meryl Streep), plays up on his heroics during the Gulf War. Shaw is portrayed as an American hero.

Major Ben Marco (Denzel Washington – Glory, Training Day) was a member of Shaw's unit and is haunted by dreams of what or what did not happen during the fighting. Marco begins to believe that the battle never happened and that the corporation Manchurian Global had the unit brainwashed to believe it occurred thus making Shaw a hero. The more Marco tries to get to the bottom of what really happened the more he hits roadblocks.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-The Enemy Within The Manchurian Candidate
-The Cast of The Manchurian Candidate
-Liev Schreiber Screen Test
-Political Pundits with Optional Director
-Theatrical Trailers

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