Christy – The Complete Series

Author Catherine Marshall wrote a novel about a young girl of privilege who leaves the only life she has known to become a teacher in poor regions of the Smokey Mountains and it became a best seller. This best seller was transformed into an Emmy Award-winning television series in the Continue Reading

Children of Men

It is the year 2027, and no child has been born for eighteen years. Hope has faded for this society, which clings to its few remaining teenagers as celebrity vestiges of the notion of endless possibilities. Theo Faron (Clive Owen – Derailed, Sin City) goes about his daily business resigned Continue Reading

Miles Davis

During the last several years of his career Miles Davis was sacrilegiously called a 'sell-out'. He made a controversial switch from Columbia Records to Warner Brothers and all heck seemed to break loose. In these years he made a couple of very successful albums and provided music for two soundtracks Continue Reading