Christy – The Complete Series

Author Catherine Marshall wrote a novel about a young girl of privilege who leaves the only life she has known to become a teacher in poor regions of the Smokey Mountains and it became a best seller. This best seller was transformed into an Emmy Award-winning television series in the 1990s.

Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin – Troop Beverly Hills, Jumpin' Jack Flash) is 19 and is leaving her life of luxury and privilege to head off on her own and be a teacher for the children of the poor folk living in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. She is completely out of her element and has to deal with the strange ideas and stubbornness of the people living there. Christy wants to make a difference, but is not sure that she has made the right decision. To complicate matters for herself she finds herself attracted to two men. For Christy it becomes a question of faith, in herself and a higher power, to see whether she will persevere.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: Arriving in Tennessee from North Carolina, Christy Huddleston is struck by the poverty of the people she will be teaching. It is a struggle for her to adjust and win the confidence of her new neighbours.

Episode 2: Lost and Found: Student Rob Allen (Jack Landry – appeared in episodes of One Tree Hill) decides to enter a short story writing contest, but things are complicated by the disappearance of Little Burl (Andy Nichols – first series).

Episode 3: Both Your Houses: Due to a superstition, Opal's (Dale Dicky – Domino) baby dies and Christy cannot accept it. Tom McHone (Andy Stahl – Big Momma's House 2, Glory Road) is accused of telling the authorities about the moonshine operation.

Disc Two:
Episode 4: A Closer Walk: Christy meets Polly Teague, the oldest resident of The Cove. David (Randall Batinkoff – As Good As It Gets, The Peacemaker) finds himself in some trouble with Ault Allen (Roger Bright – The Program).

Episode 5: Judgment Day: Dr. Ferrand comes to Cutter Gap. Christy receives a bunch of donations including something to hook up a telephone line.

Episode 6: Eye of the Storm: Becky O'Teale (Kelley Clark – first series) is suffering from Trachoma and Dr. MacNeill (Stewart Finlay-McLennan – National Treasure, The Alamo) tries an experimental procedure in the effort to cure her. Miss Alice (Tyne Daly – from television's Judging Amy) does not look too kindly on the friendship that Christy has begun with Neil.

Episode 7: Amazing Grace: Theodore S. Harland comes to town with the idea of recording the history of the area. Miss Alice's daughter comes to town.

Episode 8: The Sweetest Gift: Bringing a new church bell to town is something David tries to accomplish on his own. The town begins preparations for Thanksgiving.

Disc Three:
Episode 9: To Have and to Hold: David's sister has an upcoming wedding and David proposes to Christy. Christy tries to get a local teen and his father back together.

Episode 10: The Hunt: A childhood friend of David's arrives in town and Christy finds herself jealous. Sam Houston (Kyle Hudgens) starts to look for the Great White Buck.

Episode 11: A Man's Reach: In order to be granted a college scholarship Rob Allen has to pass a test. Zady (Jenny Krochmal – Dead Man Walking) feels left out when Christy spends all her free time tutoring Rob.

Episode 12: Ghost Story: In trying to disprove a superstition, Christy and her students find themselves in trouble. Discovering that she is related to a famous heroine causes much excitement for Ruby Mae (Emily Schulman – appeared in episodes of Mr. Belvedere and The Wonder Years).

Episode 13: Echoes: Christy and Miss Alice must make a trip to Freedom, Kentucky. Neil is surprised when he learns that David proposed to Christy.

Disc Four:
Episode 14: The Lie: John Spencer (Sam Tyler-Wayman – first series) falls in love with Christy causing Bessie Colburn (Sally Smithwick – first series) to become insanely jealous. To get back at Christy, Bessie spreads a nasty rumour about her.

Episode 15: Green Apples: There is an outbreak of Scarlet Fever in Cutter's Gap. Dr. MacNeill puts the mission under quarantine.

Episode 16: The Hostage: After the death of his wife, which he blames on Dr. MacNeill, a man tries to get his revenge by taking Christy hostage.

Episode 17: Babe in the Woods: Christy finds an abandoned baby in the woods. This causes her to rethink David's marriage proposal.

Episode 18: Second Sight: Looks can be deceiving when a wealthy benefactor comes to town and tries to buy some land for his lumber business.

Episode 19: The Road Home: Christy is torn between her feelings for Neil and David. Margaret (Susan Diol – appeared in episodes of The Cosby Show and Baywatch) comes back to town.

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