The Pursuit of Happyness

His life has seemingly become a struggle just to make ends meet, so Chris Gardner (Will Smith – Men in Black, Six Degrees of Separation) has decided he has to do something to provide a better life for his young son, Christopher (Jaden Smith – appeared in episodes of All Of Us). Trying to sell medical bone density scanners to doctors and hospitals is just not cutting it he needs to bring home more money. One day while on the street he sees a man get out of a luxury car and asks him what he does for a living. Finding out that the man is a stockbroker gives Chris an idea. He decides to enroll himself in a highly competitive stockbroker-training program. It seems like a good idea until he finds out that the program is a non-paying one and only one out of the twenty enrolled will get a job offer. This last bit of news is the last straw for Chris' wife, Linda (Thandie Newton – Crash, Mission: Impossible II) as she decides to leave him. Chris insists that he be the one to raise Christopher, so he is left the heavy task of being a single father to a 5-year-old boy.

Without any income, Chris gets evicted from his apartment and he and Christopher find themselves living at shelters, motels and bathrooms in metro stations. Pursuing his dream becomes more and more trying, but somehow Chris has to find the strength to go on for his son.

This is the type of movie that us 'common' fold adore. A true tale about a man who rises up from nothing against all kinds of odds. For me there was nothing new about this film. Even the single father struggling against all odds angle has been done many times with women in the lead role. The film is based on a true story and is inspirational in a sort of non-cheesy way, so that is definitely a plus. What also was cool is that race was never made a part of the reason why Chris was hard up. He could and was Anyman U.S.A., which makes the story more universal. The themes of going for your dreams and the importance of family really make it a heartwarming watch.

What does make the film worth a look is the obvious onscreen chemistry between real-life father and son, Will and Jaden Smith. They are great in their many scenes together. With Jaden demonstrating that his father's talent has been transferred on to the next generation.

Special Features:
-Making Pursuit: An Italian Take on the American Dream
-Father and Son – On Screen and Off
-The Man Behind the Movie: A Conversation with Chris Gardner
-Inside the Rubik's Cube
-"I Can" musical performance
-Previews of Spider-Man 3, Surf's Up, Casino Royale, Stranger Than Fiction, Rocky Balboa, Stomp the Yard, Spider-Man 2.1, The Natural- Director's Cut, Across the Universe, Hitch, The Holiday, and Catch and Release

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