If this voice seems familiar to you it is because you obviously followed the Rockstar: INXS television show. MiG made it down to the final three contestants on the show before being eliminated. He has a powerful and interesting voice with which he was able to get cast in some theatre musicals. MiG played the lead in Queen's We Will Rock You and also was a part of the London Rent cast. He is a charismatic live performer and now all he has left to prove is that he can go solo and sell records. This, his debut album, is divided between original songs and cover tunes. He takes on such classics as Peter Frampton's Baby I Love Your Way (featuring Frampton himself), The Police's Wrapped Around Your Finger and The Rolling Stones' Angie. There are interesting twists on the arrangements of all the cover tunes. The man is also a decent piano player on top of it all. I am not sure, however, that he has what it takes to pull off the whole rock 'n roll thing. He seems too nice and without scandal for it. He does have a good voice, so maybe he just has to find the correct niche.

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