Simply Red

When you think of blue-eyed soul one of the acts, strangely enough, that come to mind are the British group Simply Red. Lead singer Mick Hucknall just has the perfect voice to convey the emotions and sounds of the genre and uses this tool to perfection. Having been recording since the 1980s the band is not new to the scene and show their caginess on the album. While still managing to stay relevant they have hopped on board to the everything that is retro is cool bandwagon. The grooves and horns are all borrowed from another time in music history, but updated so they seem fresh. Hucknall's voice has aged wonderfully like a good wine and if possible there are more nuances to it. The man definitely knows how to squeeze every drop of emotion out of every lyric he sings. While setting up their own record label to control the recording and promotion of their music, Simply Red has become its own cottage industry and with the money made off of this album and subsequent tour they should be able to add an addition on to the cottage.

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