The Girls’ Night In Collection

The term 'chick flick' is a divisive one and scares away half of the population before they even see a film. I guess, I just have to accept that this is a world based on opposites (good/evil, male/female, salt/pepper, etc.) and leave it at that. That being said…this DVD collection are for those evenings where you have your girlfriends over, open a bottle of wine and are in the mood to watch several romantic comedies back to back. But, hey, you guys who are interested in watching films that will give you some insight into 'what women want' (pun intended) then pull your drapes closed, crack open a 6-pack and watch five films that women flocked to.

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days:
Director: Donald Petrie

Composure magazine's 'How To' girl is Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson – Almost Famous, Raising Helen) and her latest assignment is to write a story about all the wrong things that women do in relationships. She will do all these things in order to drive a man out of her life in 10 days.

As chance would have it, smooth talking advertising whiz Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey – Sahara, Failure to Launch) has made a deal at work that if he can get any woman of their choice to fall in love with him in 10 days then he gets to run the primo diamond account the agency is up for.

It is a twist on the battle of the sexes and let the games begin!

Special Features:
-Mapping Out the Perfect Movie – Cast and Crew Interviews
-5 deleted scenes
-Mapping Out the Perfect Location – featurette
-Music video – "Someone Like You" by Keith Urban

Just Like Heaven:
Director: Mark Waters

David (Mark Ruffalo – Zodiac, 13 Going On 30) rents what he thinks is the perfect apartment for him. He is still recovering from the death of his wife and wants to drink and be alone. Unfortunately for him the apartment comes with its own ghost. Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon – Walk the Line, Legally Blonde) is the woman who used to live in the apartment and still believes that it is hers. David sees her disappear before his very eyes and believes her to be a spirit. She thinks she is still alive, but cannot really remember who she is or anything about her life. To make things even trickier, David seems to be the only one who can see and hear her. The two begin to search for the truth about Elizabeth and what they find out is truly shocking.

Special Features:
-The Making of Just Like Heaven
-Meet the Cast
-Gag reel
-Deleted scenes
-Previews of Prime, Pride and Prejudice and Something New

Forces of Nature:
Director: Bronwen Hughes

It is two days before Ben's (Ben Affleck – Smokin' Aces, Gigli) wedding and his bride (Maura Tierney – from television's ER) is waiting for him in Savannah. Everything that can go wrong does for Ben. His plane crashes on take off and due to the weather he cannot get another flight out of New York. What is a man to do? He hooks up with Sarah (Sandra Bullock – Miss Congeniality, Speed), the free-spirited woman sitting next to him on the plane and they try to get to Savannah together. Two people could not be more opposite for as buttoned-down as Ben is is as wild 'n crazy as Sarah is. This is going to be a road trip to remember. Bad luck and the forces of nature seem to conspire against the two ever reaching their destination.

Special Features:
-Cast and Crew
-Deleted scenes
-Theatrical trailer
-Production notes
-Production featurette

what women want:
Director: Nancy Meyers

Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson – The Patriot, Payback), a divorced adman, believes that he is God's gift to women and he could not be more wrong. This thinking is changed after a freak accident involving a lightening storm, a hairdryer and a pair of pantyhose. After this happens Nick suddenly finds himself with the ability of hearing everything that women around him are thinking and it is not necessarily positive, especially when it comes to him. After at first freaking out, Nick starts to use the ability to his advantage. His main 'victim' is his new boss, Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt – from television's Mad About You). The inside information that he gains by hearing her thoughts Nick uses to sabotage every move Darcy makes at work. This is working fine until Nick begins for the first time in his life to have real feelings for a woman and now he has to deal with his own inner voice.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer 1
-Theatrical trailer 2
-The Making Of What Women Want
-What Women Want: A Look Inside

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton:
Director: Robert Luketic

One of the biggest Hollywood stars of the time is Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel – from television's Las Vegas) and he is every teenage girl's dream. Small town girl, Rosalee (Kate Bosworth – Blue Crush) wins the chance to go on a date with Tad Hamilton and is over the moon. To everyone's surprise, including Tad's, Tad falls for Rosalee and wants to continue their relationship. He is even considering moving from Hollywood to her small town. Everyone is supportive except her best friend, Pete (Topher Grace – from television's That 70s Show). Pete has secretly been in love with Rosalee for years and now feels as if he is losing his chance with her. Who will win Rosalee's heart in the end?

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Photo gallery
-Production notes
-Sneak peeks of Peter Pan and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton – Music From the Motion Picture

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