The Addams Family – Volume 2

If you are looking for a series about an abnormal family then this 60s show is for you. The Addams Family in its many different incarnations has been popular with generations of people. Their creepy, crawly and odd ways have entertained on television, cartoons and film. At the time they came onto television, The Addams Family was marketed as the antithesis of wholesome television families such as the Cleavers. It is at its root a satire of the middle-class American family. Despite the fact that they scare all the so-called normal people, The Addams Family are not monsters…they are just different.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Thing is Missing: Thing disappears and the family asks Detective Sam Diamond for his help in finding Thing.

Episode 2: Crisis in the Addams Family: Due to Fester the family's insurance policy is cancelled. This causes Fester to become an insurance agent himself.

Episode 3: Lurch and his Harpsichord: After his favourite harpsichord is donated to a museum Lurch is miserable. The Addams' try to cheer him up.

Episode 4: Morticia, the Breadwinner: Morticia fears that Gomez has lost the family fortune.

Episode 5: The Addams Family and the Spaceman: Two UFO investigators meet the Addams Family and realize that aliens are not the strangest things out there.

Episode 6: My Son, My Chimp: Fester believes that he has turned Pugsley into a monkey.

Episode 7: Morticia's Favourite Charity: In the hopes of cleaning out the attic, Morticia decides to donate items to a local charity auction.

Episode 8: Progress and The Addams Family: City commissioner, Mr. Henderson, tells the Addams Family that their home is to be condemned. Gomez will not lose his house without a fight.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Uncle Fester's Toupee: In order to impress a female penpal, Fester buys a toupee.

Episode 10: Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor: Wanting a new career, Itt becomes a marriage counselor.

Episode 11: Lurch, the Teenage Idol: Due to his harpsichord skills, Lurch becomes a teen idol.

Episode 12: The Winning of Morticia Addams: Fester does not believe that happy marriages are healthy so he tries to sabotage the relationship of Gomez and Morticia.

Episode 13: My Fair Cousin Itt: Gomez is staging a play and Itt, Fester and Lurch all try out for the lead.

Episode 14: Morticia's Romance (Part I): Just before their anniversary, Morticia reminisces about her and Gomez's courtship.

Episode 15: Morticia's Romance (Part II): Morticia remembers how Gomez almost married her sister, Orphelia.

Episode 16: Morticia Meets Royalty: Thing falls in love with Lady Fingers, but the rest of the Addams are less than entranced with her.

Special Features:
-Tombstone Trivia on "Morticia's Romance (Part I)"

Disc Three:
Episode 17: Gomez, the People's Choice: Gomez decides to run for mayor on a very strange platform.

Episode 18: Cousin Itt's Problem: Cousin Itt begins to lose his hair and Uncle Fester tries to help him.

Episode 19: Halloween – Addams Style: Wednesday is told there are no such things as witches and this crushes her.

Episode 20: Morticia, the Writer: Morticia begins to write warped stories for children, but Gomez is jealous.

Episode 21: Morticia, the Sculptress: After Morticia starts to sculpt Gomez tries to support her.

Special Features:
-Mad About the Addams
-Guest Star Seance

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