Seinfeld – Season 8

To describe this wildly popular television series as a show about nothing is not exactly accurate no matter how catchy that idea is. It is really a show about stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld his neurosis and the neurosis of his strange collection of friends. They do go through everyday life occurrences but because they are such a quirky group nothing is run of the mill about their lives. These types of antics could only be possible in the city of New York and the city becomes an important character in the series. Season eight is highlighted by the absurdness (in a good way) of many of the shows and its overall high quality.

Episode 1: The Foundation: Susan's parents start a foundation in their daughter's name and George (Jason Alexander – Shallow Hal, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle) is selected to run it.

Episode 2: The Soul Mate: George thinks the foundation lawyers believe that he killed Susan. Stupidly, after Kramer (Michael Richards – Airheads, So I Married An Axe Murderer) finds himself attracted to Jerry's girlfriend he seeks out Newman (Wayne Knight – Cheaper By the Dozen – 2003, Toy Story 2) for advice.

Episode 3: The Bizarro Jerry: Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus – from television's The New Adventures of Old Christine) meets her new boyfriend's friends and realizes that they are very different from her friends.

Episode 4: The Little Kicks: George sneaks into Elaine's office party and is shocked when he sees her dancing. Jerry begins to bootleg movies.

Episode 5: The Package: Kramer helps Jerry to pretend that his stereo was damaged during shipping.

Episode 6: The Fatigues: Kramer volunteers to cook at a seniors singles event and tries to get Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller – from television's King of Queens) to help him. Elaine has to deal with a demented army fatigue-wearing employee.

Episode 7: The Checks: Jerry gets writer's cramp by endorsing the hundred of royalty checks for 12cents he gets from a Japanese commercial he did. George and Jerry pitch their idea for a sitcom to Japanese executives.

Episode 8: The Chicken Roaster: George comes up with a foolproof way to get a second date with a woman. Jerry and Kramer switch apartments and it affects their personalities.

Episode 9: The Abstinence: George's girlfriend has mono and they cannot have sex for 6 weeks. Kramer lights a cigar in Monk's and is thrown out.

Episode 10: The Andrea Doria: A person who survived a shipwreck gets an apartment that George wanted, but he does not give up.

Episode 11: The Little Jerry: A bounced check of Jerry's is displayed in the store window. George sees the pluses of dating someone who is in jail.

Episode 12: The Money: Jerry buys his parents a Cadillac and they turn around and sell then try to give Jerry the money. George wants his parents' money so he tries to talk them into staying in Queens.

Episode 13: The Comeback: George is insulted by Reilly (Joel Polis – My Blue Heaven, True Believer) and wants to get him back with a "jerk store" insult. Kramer asks Elaine to be the witness that if he goes into a coma he wants the plug pulled.

Episode 14: The Van Buren Boys: Kramer gets involved with a gang after flashing their sign by accident during a mugging.

Episode 15: The Susie: A guy who once called Jerry a 'phony' becomes his bookie. Elaine's co-worker calls her 'Susie'.

Episode 16: The Pothole: Kramer adopts a section of the highway and tries to make it better. Jerry drops his girlfriend's toothbrush in the toilet and doesn't tell her, but can't bring himself to kiss her.

Episode 17: The English Patient: A woman mistakes George for her boyfriend. George ends up wanting to meet this man who is apparently his twin.

Episode 18: The Nap: George discovers the perfect way to take a nap at work without getting caught. Elaine does not know what to think when her boyfriend sends her a mattress after one date.

Episode 19: The Yada Yada: George's new girlfriend introduces the 'yada yada'. Jerry dentist becomes a Jew and that makes him uncomfortable.

Episode 20: The Millenium: Kramer and Newman plan competing New Year's parties.

Episode 21: The Muffin Tops: Elaine opens a bakery that only sells muffin tops.

Episode 22: The Summer of George: After receiving a severance check from the Yankees, George decides to have fun during his summer. Elaine is called catty when she does an imitation of a woman's walk.

Special Features:
-Blooper Reel
-14 Deleted Scenes
-2 Sein-Imations
-Factoid tracks on all 22 episodes
-Featurette: Jerry Seinfeld, Submarine Captain
-Inside Look Featurettes on 14 Episodes
-Commentaries on 14 Episodes with Cast and Crew
-Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
-Bonus Previews

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