Montreal Underground Film Festival

Most films that are made never make it to the big screen. They are not bought by large studios and do not benefit from wide release. This does not mean that they are not films of good quality! Au contraire! Sometimes the best films you will see will be so-called 'amateur' or 'student' films…underground films. Avant-garde or experimental films make up the largest portion of all films made. Struggling with low budgets these ambitious filmmakers do not allow themselves to be categorized or censored in any way. What they envision is there in all its glory (or horror) onscreen. This is a festival which highlights artistic freedom and celebrates differences of vision.

The films on opening night are being shown under the title of Programme Rose. These short films have such interesting titles as, "Grandma and the Cockroach", "The Yolke of the Golden Egg", "Fritz the Pig", and "Strip Show". If that does not peak your interest then you best check your pulse. Night two involves three screenings including Spectacles D'Autres Mondes, Postmortem Bliss and Programme Bleu. Programme Bleu includes such titles as "A Soft Place to Fall", "Mal de Terre" and "Patience". The closing night has Drink to Forget, Homelessnation, Programme Blanc, which includes such shorts as "The Based Corrector", "The Hunt" and "Circumvisions", and finishes with Virgin Blue Programme, which includes "Fish Arms", "The Bird, the Mouse and the Sausage" and "La Madame aux Sacs".

Besides the films there will be a cocktail before each of the screenings and an After Party on May 17th and 19th at Friperie Potetr. Let the good times roll!!

Additional Information:
-Friperie Potetr – 6029 Parc Ave.
-The Redbird Studios – 135 Van Horne
-Tickets: Single film: $5.00, Silver Muff Pass: 5 screenings and 1 raffle ticket for $20.00, Golden Muff Pass: all screenings, t-shirts and other great stuff for $35.00

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