Commando – Blu-Ray Edition

Colonel John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger – True Lies, The Terminator) believes he will now be living a quiet life with his family as he has retired from the Army. Boy, is he ever mistaken! Matrix was an elite commando while he was in the military and is highly trained for almost any situation, but even his wide array of skills are put to the test when his daughter, Jenny (Alyssa Milano – from television's Charmed), is kidnapped. Bennett (Vernon Wells – Innerspace, Weird Science), a former soldier under Matrix, is part of the group who have kidnapped Jenny and they want Matrix to assassinate the president of a Latin American country. Unwilling to do so, Matrix escapes off the plane he is supposed to take to fly to the country where the assassination will take place. Now he has until the plane lands, which is a mere few hours, to try and rescue Jenny. Teaming up with a stewardess from the flight, a woman named Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong – The Color Purple, The Principal), they use the few clues they have to try and track down Bennett and his boss Arius (Dan Hedaya – Swimfan, A Night At the Roxbury) before something happens to Matrix's daughter.

If you are a fan of the cheesy one-liners that Mr. Schwarzenegger has built his career on then step right up and buy this blu-ray as it is chock full of them! Though the story is quite simple and the acting not the greatest this film is Schwarzenegger doing what he does best – talking little and kicking butt a lot. He does not try to outsmart the baddies or even figure out their motivation. All Schwarzenegger's character does is leave a large and wide trail of dead bodies in his wake in the search for his daughter. Once director Mark L. Lester (Firestarter, Showdown in Little Tokyo) gets the action started he does not slow it down, which is probably for the best as the script is nothing to write home about. This is not The Bourne Supremacy in anyway as there is nothing intellectual in the least just action. There is even some humour in the film in that Bennett is the least likely bad guy ever. There is really nothing intimidating about this pipsqueak, though he does get his share of the aforementioned cheesy one-liners. There is plenty of laughs (unintentional as they might be) and action in this film, so settle in for some light entertainment.

Special Features:
-D-Box Motion Sensor Track
-Theatrical Trailer
-Trailers of AVP, Behind Enemy Lines, Phone Booth, POTA, and Transporter

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